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Macaron Tamper UC-DMT-001+3-B Double-head Macaron 1+3

Macaron Tamper UC-DMT-001+3-B Double-head Macaron 1+3



Looking for a Coffee Macaron Supplier? Buy Our High-Quality Coffee Macaron Tamper at an Amazing Price

We are the coffee macaron supplier who provides high-quality, anti-slip design coffee macaron tamper which is extremely simple to use. The tool we offer is 100% aluminum alloy, and the base of the coffee macaron tamper uses stainless steel. Our coffee tools are highly durable and that is why we are a leading coffee macaron manufacturer. We provide a wide range of macaron tamper varieties which is also a great gift option for coffee lovers. Our coffee macaron tampers feature three-angled slopes that evenly, efficiently, and regularly moves the coffee round in a circular motion to form an even coffee puck. Due to our amazing tools, there are no inconsistencies between baristas. Our tamper creates a flat surface perfectly every time. A macaron tamper is a tool that uses very low doses and larger baskets and it can be adjusted according to the range of doses, also depends on the roasting specific styles.

Never compromise on choice, quality, and price:

Great news for coffee lovers! You are at the right place if you are looking for a high-quality leading coffee macaron supplier. If you are looking for a high-end tamper label or coffee macaron tamper at a cheap price, Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., LTD offers you supreme-quality labeled tampers at an affordable price. you should never compromise with your choice; we offer stainless steel with a brown wooden handle coffee macaron tamper. We also offer customized tapers for our customers and our macaron tampers are sturdy and very comfortable and easy to use. There is no need to strain too much to press the coffee grounds. Moreover, you always opt for high-quality tamper for the best result. We offer a wide range of tamper base sizes; you should make sure that you buy the appropriate size tamper. When it comes to the weight of the macaron tamper, we also offer tempers in all different weights. Always buy that feels the best for you. The coffee macaron manufacturer gives you a scale by which you can evaluate the weight of the tamper. We aim to provide the best and wide range to our customers. From stainless steel, wood to aluminum, and even gold macaron tampers are offered by us, the known coffee macaron manufacturer. We make all sorts of different colors and different materials of tamper.

Get a unique style of coffee macaron tamper

The stylish macaron tamper is also a perfect gift option for your beloved ones. The efficient, as well as unique macaron tamper, is also a classic addition to the kitchen enhancements. Coffee macaron supplier provides you with fair deals on the most incredibly designed, customized, and handcrafted macaron tamper. They are designed for people who adore embellished coffee tools and possess the best quality assurance. We manufacture high-quality stainless, durable tools. The tampers are available in many different styles, shapes, colors, designs, and catering to customers’ requirements.

Features of out macaron tampers:

  • from lighter to heavier, varieties of weights
  • high quality 304 stainless steel, reliable material
  • safe, lead-free, and rust-free as well
  • pressure equalization, flat tamper bottom design; make coffee extraction effective.
  • adjustable height
  • exquisite craftsmanship
  • multiple tight threads
  • high-quality material
  • height adjustment by rotation
  • adjust the powder press height according to the height of the coffee machine handle
  • fine workmanship
  • easy to use and clean
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