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Pour Over Kettle

Buy high-quality China Pour over the kettle and other coffee hardware

Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., ltd, combines handsome design with flawless functionality. We have introduced stainless steel China Pour over kettle body and stainless steel lid. Moreover, they are available with a gas-electric stovetop compatible range. The speed and flow of the water gushing by ground coffee is one of the vital parts for a perfect cup of coffee. We provide an easy-grip handle kettle for you, and that makes it easy to use. The flat knob lid of the coffee kettle keeps you safe and keeps the coffee hot for a longer period. The union coffee blends technology and style to manufacturing unparalleled products. Our kettle has features that you cannot find in any other kettle such as a feature to maintain water temperature for approximately an hour. Moreover, there is a built-in stopwatch for timing pour-over coffee. You can also purchase China Pour over kettle with Bluetooth connectivity technology for seamless operation right from your smartphone. When it comes to price, union coffee hardware is well-known because of its inexpensive kettle price rates on the market.

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Our China Pour over kettle is ideal for drip coffee and immersion brewing. The quality of the kettle plays a vital role in the texture and flavor of the coffee. We provide our customers, supreme-quality coffee kettle that makes thick fluffy coffee. The thin spouts of the kettle allow much more precision and control during the pouring process. We offer both types of kettles, electric kettles, and stovetop kettles. The wide range of coffee kettle offers the perfect combination of function and form; our range is hand-picked by our coffee connoisseurs skilled teams. We offer a great number of affordable coffee kettles. The kettle gooseneck spout allows a responsive, slow, and very predictable pour, this is best for manual brewing.

Design and usability:

We provide various designs and shapes of kettles to our customers. Our impressive-looking kettle is very attention-grabbing. Some of the designs are girded with a smooth wooden lid and handle and a robust kettle gooseneck. These kettles are light, stylish, and affordable. They are easy to use and also easy to wash. They are made up of stainless steel and rust resistance, and that provides a good value for money. The sturdy handle of the kettle gives a very stylish look to the kettles. There is a wide variety when it comes to kettle capacity. We offer all sizes of kettles and you can make one cup of coffee to multiple cups.

Features and benefits:

  • Great capacity
  • Gooseneck spout offers a controlled pour at an evenly flow rate, ideal for pour-over coffee or other tea types.
  • Adjustable temperature- displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • The large handle is easy to hold in several ways and incorporates with a unique molded finger and thumb rest
  • Keeps the coffee warm for more than an hour.
  • Time and temperature displayer
  • Brushed stainless steel kettle
  • Drip pouring design
  • When cold water is added to the kettle, the automatic reheat function is enabled.
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Made up of lightweight carbon steel that speeds up the boiling process
  • Narrow and long gooseneck spout for convenient pouring
  • Stem vent top lid

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