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Why invest in a good China coffee machine Portafilter?

For any kind of expresso machine and even professional baristas, a good-quality portafilter is one of the most essential components. China coffee machine portafilter forms the most ideal base for the coffee brewing process. It is a component that holds the ground coffee beans before and during the process of coffee brewing. The portafilter is a part of the coffee machine where hot water runs by the ground beans and enables the extraction of beans flavors.

Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., LTD is one of the leading coffee tools and accessories companies that offer high-quality products with the best services. We offer a wide variety of coffee portafilters. It is best to invest in our company as we provide supreme quality at a market reasonable rate. Our comprehensive range of coffee portafilter products involves a bottomless portafilter, all-in-one portafilter, handle portafilter, body portafilter, and many more. The complete assortments of portafilter products are obtained from leading national and global brand that ensures durability and high performance.

Get a wide variety of portafilters:

We are a renowned company in the coffee world. We provide different types of portafilters to our customers, according to their needs and budget. We aim to guide you and provide you with only the best products in the market. All the types of filters provide a similar function, but their working ways are different from each other. These filters have a different design in terms of their basket, hole patterns, and hole sizes. We provide the following types of coffee portafilters.

Pressurized Portafilters:

The pressured portafilter is today’s super-automatic home coffee machines. It works as a tamper. It is a single point filter that creates pressure below the holes of the basket.

Non-pressurized portafilters:

Another type of portafilter that we offer is non-pressurized portafilters. It relies on the dosage and grind-size and tamps evenness to create suitable pressure during the coffee brewing process.

Portafilter adapter:

We provide a portafilter adapter to our customers that allows them to make a small modification to make it more pod friendly.

Pod Portafilter:

In this modern time, with the popularity of China coffee machine Portafilter, some home-users and commercial establishments turned to prepackaged pod portafilter for making their coffee. They are commonly found in pressurized variety.

Bottomless portafilters:

Our most famous product is a bottomless portafilter and It does not have a spout at the bottom. It is a great way to refine your barista.

Benefits of our coffee portafilter:

We believe that today’s modern kitchens are built around the philosophy of convenience and innovation. Modern China coffee machine Portafilter is one of the most powerful and common appliance for the home kitchen.


The most important benefit of the portafilter is convenience. You do not need to deal with mixing and filtering the beans. You can enjoy restaurant coffee taste and texture at home.

Stainless body:

The body of the portafilter is made up of stainless steel. The handle of the portafilter has a great grip and it is heat resistant.

Easy to use:

We provide high-quality portafilters which are light in weight. They are easy to use even for beginners. There is a twin spout with a removable cover as well. So, it is very easy to clean and that makes it more hygienic.

No mess:

By using our portafilters, your coffee-making experience becomes awesome and easy. There is no mess and no waste of coffee beans. Moreover, you can get the taste and texture of the coffee according to your need.

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