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Knock Box

Get heavy-duty China Stainless steel knock box- high quality at low price

Knock! Knock! Are you looking for high-quality coffee tools? Contact us! Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., LTD., one of the well-known coffee hardware tools and accessories companies. We aim to provide our customers with all the high-quality coffee products and tools at market competitive rates along with the best customer services. We make high-quality heavy-duty China Stainless steel knock box; which is quite literally made to take all the hard knocks. Our hard-knock bars are covered in supreme-quality rubber that offers a sturdy bar surface to protect the coffee portafilter. You can get these amazing quality products at a very reasonable price as well.

Winter is here and it would be smart to invest in hot beverage tools and accessories. You need to focus on where are you investing, on the quality of the product, and the price. investing does not mean to break your bank while buying quality China Stainless steel knock box. our knock box has a lip around the edges that allow users to sink the knock box into the coffee bar or countertop. This structure of the steel knock box keeps your coffee area and the durable stainless steel box clean for dispensing all coffee shots. Our high-quality coffee knock box and other products are widely used in the kitchen, home, restaurants, café shops, canteen, bars, and many more. We provide reliable and affordable products to our customers.

Stainless steel knock box- buy online at Union Coffee

The stylish, as well as the durable rust-free steel construction of the Union Coffee professional coffee tools and accessories, makes a great addition to all coffee bench setups, either at home or commercial areas. Our products are made up of highly durable stainless steel. Our coffee tool, China Stainless steel knock box has a thick non-slip silicone base and made from durable stainless steel which is rust-resistant. Moreover, the knock box has a generous holding capacity. We offer 24/7 online service and our employees are available to help you and guide you to get the right and the best product to make your winter season perfect. The knock box investment from the renowned company is worthy, as the knock box not only cleans up the coffee mess but also makes room to make extra espresso shots on highly caffeinated days. We also offer different sizes of knock boxes; you can buy according to your requirement. It is a simple beverage device that allows users to knock the used coffee portafilter full of coffee beans into it directly. Our coffee knock box is a high-quality bucket attached to a rubberized bar that is specially designed to remove the grounds easily from the filter. This is very useful as it falls out all the debris which results in a clean filter within a few seconds.

Benefits of using our stainless steel knock box

Here the reasons you should consider having our company’s knock box beside your office or home coffee maker:

Prevent odor:

Stale, old coffee grounds have a very strong and unpleasant odor. We design a knock box in a way to trap the bad odor of old coffee grounds, which prevent from spreading the odor throughout the kitchen. It is a very convenient and sustainable coffee tool that helps prevent your space from smelling like old burnt coffee.


Our stainless steel knock box is handy and durable. You can attach or place it anywhere the way you need it. You can wash it easily as well just by adding a little soap and water.

Convenient design:

It does not require high maintenance or much care, you can simply empty your coffee grounds in just one smooth movement. this box saves an incredible amount of your coffee waste.

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