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Dosing Ring

Buy high-quality China coffee dosing ring- no mess, no waste

Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., ltd. is one of the renowned companies of coffee tools and accessories. They supply their product and service all over the world. Are you looking for high-quality China coffee dosing ring funnels? Here! You can get a high-quality stainless steel dosing ring. It is a worthy investment as it is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to invest. We are offering 24 hours services to our great customers and a complete one-month warranty and offer of replacement. Before or after, if you have any queries, you can contact us at any time. This is one of the most important investments and a necessary tool for coffee lovers or handmade coffee. Coffee dosing ring is ideal for precision coffee dosing as this reduces the residual powder waste. This dosing ring is made up of premium material, practical and durable.

Use coffee dosing ring- waste less coffee at home

Yes! You can make coffee at home without any mess and without wasting your favorite coffee. The China coffee dosing ring funnel eliminates the mess that is normally caused while grinding. You can make coffee at home without wasting the coffee, you must have the right coffee tools and accessories. We are providing you with all high-quality stainless steel products with the best customer services.

When you place the filter while grinding coffee into the basket directly, the dosing ring funnel acts as the perfect porta-filter dosing funnel and catches all coffee grounds. The sides of the rings are well-designed and high-angled to find a great level in the coffee basket. This forms a barrier to assist the user in evenly distributing the coffee without making any unnecessary mess.

Coffee dosing ring features:


Trouble-free gridding- consistent coffee dosing every time.

Less wastage:

They have high sustainability and the cost is kept low. While distributing the coffee and grinding the coffee waste is minimal.

Easy to use:

The dosing ring is made up of stainless steel, they are easy to clean and easy to use and store. You just need to rinse it with tap water and wipe it with a dry cloth to make it clean.

Buy a wide variety of coffee dosing rings:

We offer a wide variety of coffee dosing ring funnels when it comes to color, material, and size. there are various sizes available on our website, you can select according to your need. From 51mm to 58 mm, we provide all sizes of coffee dosing ring funnels to our customers. Our product has a feature of magnetic absorption, which also acts as an anti-fly powder feeder. They are made up of stainless steel usually aluminum. When it comes to color, we provide four colors of the dosing funnel; Silver, black, copper, and peach. If you are a coffee lover, or you want to gift coffee tools set to someone, you can customize the name on the dosing ring. It looks elegant and stylish. You can buy a China coffee dosing ring from our store as we offer a wide variety of high-quality coffee tools and accessories at a very reasonable price.

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