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Coffee Distributor

Invest in the High-Quality Coffee Tool by Trusting on the Leading Coffee Distributor Supplier

Jiangmen union coffee hardware co., LTD. is providing an online opportunity to all by providing high-quality coffee tools and accessories at exclusive rates. We are the coffee distributor manufacturer, offering you a high quality, double-sided tamper, and distributor combination at an amazing price. This combination is worth investing in, as it is designed for coffee portafilter baskets which makes us the leading coffee distributor supplier. This perfect, convenient dual-purpose distributor allows users to distribute coffee ground evenly and tamp with consistent pressure. In the process of expresso, the coffee distributor plays a vital role, as it even outs the coffee grinds in the coffee machine before the tamping process. The coffee distributor helps the hot water to pass through all the coffee beans for the perfect extraction of all the flavors and aroma. The speed and pressure it exerts remain the same, which increases the evenness of the extraction.

Buy perfect coffee tools at an amazing market competitive price

Union coffee company is a well-known coffee accessories manufacturer just because of their high-quality products in market competitive price. we offer adjustable height coffee distributor tools at an amazing price. The supreme quality of our all coffee tools makes us the top coffee distributor supplier in the market. Moreover, the wide variety of range also makes our company shine among all others. You can have various types, sizes, colors, and also customized coffee products from this leading coffee distributor manufacturer. The wooden handle of the coffee tamper gives a great grip to the distributor, along with even and smooth distribution. Our high-quality distribution tool has high demand because of its competitive price. 58mm diameter is the universal size for the coffee distributor tool levels, but we also offer different sizes such as 51, 53, and others according to the customer’s requirement. This coffee tool distributes coffee beans in the coffee machine basket in an even and smooth manner. You can order your favorite coffee tools, distributor set, and other accessories in just one click. All the tools are made up of stainless steel which is highly rust-resistant.

Features of coffee distributor set:

The coffee distributor supplier makes sure that their product should be anti-rust. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money. Following are some features of our coffee distributor set that we provide:

  • Distributor features three angled slopes that evenly, efficiently, and consistently move the coffee beans in the circular motion to create an even puck. There are no more inconsistencies and bumpy beans between baristas.
  • The height of the coffee distributor is adjustable. The screw mechanism provides different baskets and doses.
  • All our products are made up of stainless steel that enables you to feel reassurance while making coffee. The property of the anti-slip aluminum handle is ideal for hand use and gives a great grip as well.
  • The anti-rust design of the distributor is delicate with exquisite appearance and premium material.
  • It is made up of healthy raw materials, stainless steel; rust-free, lead-free and safe materials.
  • The feature of equalization of the pressure makes the coffee extraction more flavorful and effective.
  • Multiple tight threads and exquisite craftsmanship.
  • It is designed for all types of coffee machines, small and exquisite, and fine workmanship.
  • Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to clean.

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