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You Tried Best Still Coffee Sucks? Learn 4 Possible Reasons

You Tried Best Still Coffee Sucks? Learn 4 Possible Reasons

We all watch YouTube Tutorials for the best coffee beverages, even we upload ourselves being experienced baristas! We explore new techniques, ideas, and do a thorough search on the best coffee-making ideas, try our self, and make it viral for people.

For some people, these tutorial videos turn useful, while some fail to get that required result, and ask us “we did our best, and use all accurate ingredients, yet coffee cucks and didn’t turn that awesome as it was expected to be, what to do?”

Well, this could be due to some five common mistakes which I am going to mention below, spare a minute and give it a detailed read.

Common Mistakes People Make While Making Coffee

  Mistake 1 – Extraction & timing

Yes, the first mistake I have observed people doing again and again is, they have unevenly extracted coffees and to go along with it. Poor timing assuming your coffees are well roasted. If you evenly extract your coffees, you’ll have a flavorful and complex cup of coffee.

This is easier said than done, it’s quite difficult to evenly extract your coffees, but to do this, the easiest thing to do is, have an even grind size. How do you have a grind size? Just use finer grinds along with that is timing as you’re using finer grinds. People tend to have long drawn-out coffees. I think coffee should be brewed between a minute, 30 seconds, and minute. Though it’s a short window, I think it’s best.

As a coffee expert myself I use single pores, this is something that I have been doing a lot, but it’s complicated because you only have 35 to 40 seconds to pour all of your water in the best possible way, so you need to start slow, and speed up a little bit towards the end. A quick stir evenly extracts everything.

Mistake 2 – No Gooseneck Kettle

Not using a pour-over, or gooseneck kettle is another major mistake people do while brewing coffee. If you don’t have a gooseneck kettle then you can’t control your coffee, you can’t control your pores. Often people use v-shaped boiling coffee pots, in which you can’t make anything good out of that. Always use a gooseneck kettle, it’s far better than random shapes, and it’s more important than a scale.

In my opinion, you need to have a good control pour. The gooseneck kettle allows you to refine your techniques, and achieve some of the previous talks about techniques. For the best suggestion in gooseneck kettles, I will suggest china pour over kettle, and you can search other best varieties as well.

Mistake 3 – Pouring too quickly

I have often seen people that they pour too quickly, especially in the beginning with a good kettle and having an ability to control it, you should start slow, pouring slowly, in the beginning, allows you to have this stronger and sweeter coffee.

If you pour too quickly, it’s going to become very thin very easily. After you finish pouring, slow at the beginning, you can speed up, you just need to make sure that at the beginning everything is fully extracted. Once you speed up, you can push for sweetness and clarity

Mistake 4 – Not having fresh coffee beans

Using coffee beans 3 to 4 months ago will never bring a required taste, so always get freshly roasted coffee beans, this makes a difference. You can vacuum, seal, and freeze them, but many people don’t do this, they rather buy fresh beans.

If you grind every cup of coffee before you brew it, you’ll get a better cup of coffee, but if you use a cheap grinder, then you’ll get in uneven grind sizes. I will suggest you go for pre-ground coffee and use it quickly, and try to keep it within for a maximum of 10 days.

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