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What Is The Equipment Used In A Coffee Shop?

What Is The Equipment Used In A Coffee Shop?

Starting a new coffee shop is sometimes very hard as you need different things and tools to make it work properly. When it comes to working with shiny new equipment, and you don’t know which are the essential tools, the first experience could be exciting, challenging, and even frustrating. However, now there are barista tool suppliers who make your experience worth it.

Choosing the right barista tool is an important decision, but what tools should you but first? Here is a shortlist of the tools that you need to have for your shop.

Necessary  barista tools


The Barista tool supplier considers scale as one of the most pleasing things of barista tools as coffee is precise, and balancing the amount of coffee and water is highly important and challenging. Still, scale makes it much easier for you to measure this quantity.


A tamper is an essential tool that deals with the extraction of coffee and help achieve that nice consistent of great espresso. There is various variation in tamper, and mostly it is present in espresso machines. The main two types of tamper are convex and flat, which help make a present consistency and mix coffee ground oil and water well to get a perfect flavorful coffee.

Tamping Mats

The following tool, essential for your shop, is a clean and dedicated space for tamping, which can quickly get by placing a tamping mat. It helps in perfect tamping and protects the portafilter and counter. Also, it is easily removable for a quick rinse in the sink and helps to keep excess grounds in a central spot.


The portafilter is a compulsory accessory that comes with your espresso machine. The portafilter basket is essential as it holds the ground coffee for brewing. It allows the barista to make multipe drinks as it comes with a single or double spout for guiding espresso.

Knock Boxes

The knock box is an essential steel box whose primary function is to clean and position the coffee ground to form the portafilter basket. These are the beautiful solution to protect your portafilter from scratching.


Cups are an essential tool of barista shop as they show the class of your coffee. It enhances the serving that fine shot of espresso, and the quality demitasse, cappuccino, or latte cup. Also, it enhances the experience.

Frothing Pitchers

Frothing pitchers are high-quality stainless-steel pitchers with a nice narrow spout. It gives excellent control for pouring the coffee and makes the latte art much more manageable, such as hearts, rosettes, and tulips with silky smooth macrofoam.

Distribution tool

The last and necessary tool is a distribution tool that ensures that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed in the basket and helps in more even extraction. They are adjustable and allow you to adjust the depth of the basket according to your requirement. Also, they help to control the overall amount of pressure desired upon the bed.


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