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Tips To Know Before Milk Frothing Jug Selection

Tips To Know Before Milk Frothing Jug Selection

Frothing milk is one of the complicated and more challenging phases of creating espresso drinks. However, people can easily have a microfoam even on lower-end equipment by using proper techniques and tools. Stainless steel milk frothing jug is specially designed for milk frothing as they help you quickly get the flavor, correct temperature, texture, and everything you want, but you must use the tool properly. Frothing requires practice and patience, but the results are worth the effort.

For any barista, milk steaming and latte art are two essential things. But they are not that easily achieved, but choosing the right milk pitcher can significantly help. Nowadays, there are so many different Stainless steel milk frothing jugs at the market. They vary in color, size, design, shape, spout type, weight, and much more.  Also, you can find different kinds of brands across the world.

So, it isn’t easy to decide how to select the best one for you. It depends on one of your requirements. Here are some essential tips or requirements that you need to look at before buying one for yourself.


Let’s look at how to choose the best jug for yourself. When selecting a milk jug, you need to look at the width, which is the first and foremost thing you have to see as it allows the whirlpool effect to be done when you steam milk. This whirlpool will create micro-foam and break down your more giant bubbles.

But what is micro-foam? Micro-foam is created when the milk is evenly heated and well-aerated, silky, velvety smooth, and shiny milk. This milk has the optimum texture for free-pouring latte art designs and has excellent taste.


Material is essential as it affects the quality and temperature of the milk. Stainless steel of high quality keeps the temperature consistent as you steam the milk, and it is all you want—frothing milk jug going to heat right up with the milk when you’re steaming milk to approximately 160°F/70°C. Also, a Teflon coating stainless steel pitcher will make it feel comfortable to handle the hot pitcher.


Many professionals and seasoned baristas can make flawless latte art with any milk jug, but it needs a good spout. Spout shape is necessary to check before buying the jug as it makes these jugs easier to learn and train without any issue.


It is genuinely based on your feasibility, whether you want a handle or a minor handle pitcher. The way you hold the pitcher dramatically impacts how you make the latte art and the form. Some people find a handleless pitcher more convenient than the handle one for pouring. It allows them to have more and better grip on the jug than the handle one. Also, spouts give you more control and precision with the spout.

On the other hand, If you go for a pitcher without a handle, you can handle the hot pitcher at a high temperature.

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