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How to Froth Milk For Making Perfect Latte?

How to Froth Milk For Making Perfect Latte?

Who won’t like to learn, or make exceptional latte art? Of course, every coffee lover, make all their least possible effort to make appealing latte art. First of all, let me tell you, it takes a certain tool for latte art, that is milk frothing pitcher no doubt

Once you visit any coffee tool supplier’s outlet or any wholesale retailer shop, you’ll find a massive variety of frothing pitchers from various milk jug manufacturer. Each frothing jug comes with a narrow spout that gives a perfect decorative latte art just as you imagine

In this post, you’ll learn very useful tips and hacks for making a WOW latte art!

Tips & Hacks to Froth Milk to Make your Desired Latte

Let’s get started with some useful advice and hacks to get you a better froth. So, to make a perfect froth for latte takes a milk foam with bubbles that are super fine. The finer the better, the more delicious your latte would be

Have you noticed when you order Latte at a café, it comes with some art on top; so that’s not only a pretty picture but a clear indication of froth milk with super fine air bubbles. For Latte makers, I have some bests tips here;

1.      For those Who have Machines with Auto Frothing Wands

They make it easy to get a reasonable froth for beginners, but on many machines, did you know that you can take that auto frothing wand off completely, and go a full manual? With a little practice, you would be certainly able to make a finer froth then you could win using the auto frothing wand

This trick won’t work on all machines, but if yours comes off, so give it a little practice you may be able to get a froth that’s capable of pouring Latte art

2.      For Both Auto & Manual Frothing

Use cold milk and try freezing your pitcher. The reason is, cold milk takes air better and a cold pitcher helps keep everything cold just a little longer giving you more time to work the milk after you get that air in. It has more of an effect on lower cost

The boiler machines which have less steam power on those you might be frothing 2 or 3 times longer, than on high-end heat exchange, or dual boiler machines. So for advice, get that air in early when frothing. You’re looking for a 20% increase in milk volume in your pitcher, which should be complete by the time outside of the pitcher starts to feel warm. After that, it’s about lowering the tip into milk a bit and finding a position that causes milk to roll in the pitcher. This rolling helps break up any larger air bubbles and makes everything to a uniform consistency

General Tips

  • Starting with everything cold as possible gives you more time to do that
  • With roll going, keep steaming until the outside of pitcher gets close to, but not beyond the point of becoming uncomfortable to hold
  • Once you reach that point, turn off the steam. Now your milk is at sweet and creamy best when heated to a temperature around 149 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go beyond 155, you’ll lose any apparent sweetness gained by heating
  • When done steaming, be sure to wipe down your wand, and purge it, then give your pitcher a few knock and swirls on the counter, this knocking will help break up any larger air bubbles and the swirl mixes everything to a uniform consistency in the pitcher for a better pour
  • Lastly, a well-made latte should never be as hot as a regular cup of straight coffee
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