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Do You Know About These 5 Top Distribution Tools?

Do You Know About These 5 Top Distribution Tools?

We all know what a coffee distributor is! No, not coffee distributor supplier related distributor, but a coffee distributor tool that is used for grinding coffee beans equally around inside portafilter that results in releasing best shots.

This is the most dominant step throughout coffee making procedure, and an efficient skill that I believe any proficient, or expert barrister would only know. Nevertheless, apart from typically known distributor tools like tamper and all, I’ve brought some unique information today regarding distributor tools.

Yes, here are some top coffee distributor tools which you might don’t know about. After reading the entire guide on those tools, you’ll learn why these are so important to know;

1.      WDT Tool from Londinium Espresso

It’s a wise distribution tool! The main idea is you have fine wires or needles to stir the grounds to break up any clumps. This tool is used in tandem with a funnel of some sort; the idea is you directly into the funnel and the portafilter.

Then introduce the WDT tool, stir it around to get the grounds nice, fluffy, even, and clump-free.

2.      Dosing Cup

Now many espresso companies offer this tool, specific ones are niche zero. However, the main idea is, you grind the coffee right into it, and flip it into the portafilter for tamping. So the big pitch behind these dosing cups, is the supposed simplicity of it that you just grind into it, flip it over, and you get a magical bed of ground

Now, you can go ahead and tamp well. But one needs to be proficient and expert enough for using this tool, otherwise, you won’t get that required picturesque out of the ground bed.

3.      OCD – version 3 of Coffee Distributor

This circular shape distributor tool was created in 2015 by World Barista Champion Sasha Cestic. The idea is, it has four impelling arms to help distribute coffee evenly throughout the basket.

So, the gist of it is, you have your grounds already in the basket, you take the tool, set it on top, spin it around a couple of times, and remove; here you get a beautiful flatbed, ready to be tamped.

4.      Wedge

A wildly popular design of coffee distribution tool is a wedge. Manufacturers didn’t directly ape the OCD design, most go with the wedge whether that’s Pullman as often displayed or ST Anthony industries.

Anyways, like the OCD, apply this tool to an already dosed bed of grounds you’re spinning it around to try and level it out. Again, like the OCD, you’ll get a nice flatbed of grounds ready to be tamped using a wedge tool.

5.      Blind Shaker by LYNN Weber Workshops

This tool you can also directly by from Craig Lynn. Coming to a tool, the blind shaker is a hybrid funnel and distribution tool in one comprised of three parts. It further includes an unclogged, so the client can be ready to pull or spin around to get the espresso out of the channel.

This apparatus further fills in as a hidden entrance, and there’s a cover on top so assuming you need to get insane, so shake up your grounds as opposed to blending them.

That’s what you get to do! Start with a shaker with grounds already in it, place it on top of the basket, and swirl around the plug to let the grounds fall in, give it another swirl, and level it out, give it a tap. Here, a pristine bed of grounds ready to be tamped.

Hope you found it useful, and worth trying next time!

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