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Major Coffee Fundamentals Every Barista Should Know

Major Coffee Fundamentals Every Barista Should Know

Either you work as an expert barista in a coffee bar, or an expert coffee maker at home, you ought to know some basic espresso fundamentals which can eventually help you make a delicious beverage.

Making rich-flavored, and irresistible coffee drink is all about emphasizing the best methodology of pulling shots, this somehow focuses on directing and distributions. If you work at a bar, then there are three things which you must achieve;

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Speed

Regarding this, the methodology of coffee distribution is the most efficient way of achieving those things, it is all about muscle memory. So, the first few times when you try this process, it may feel a bit awkward, but after a while, it just flows and coffee makers don’t even realize what they’re doing.

Here I am going to share some best tips and technique for coffee dosing and distribution being experienced barista myself, so spare a minute guys, and give it a complete read;

Techniques For Dosing & Distribution

First, take out your handles that immediately purge while you’re here, as posing after you remove the portafilter as opposed to before you put it in

Next, quickly wipe down the dripping train, so you don’t get an espresso on the base of your cup.

After this, give your basket a good clean and dry. Remember, it has to be spotless with no old coffee or moisture. Now, dirt into the basket, if you’ve got a particularly high amount of coffee which can especially happen with grinders like the – myth off – where it’s a fluffy cloud of joy, this one control has to settle it and that will make servicing and discounting a little bit easier

Now, when you take the handle out, you’ll notice that some grinders will distribute more coffee on one side than the other. What might happen if you were to turn straight down? It would have an area of greater density, and an area of less density, however, the water coming down at pressure is going to try and find the path of resistance.

It’ll channel through here, and drips through another side, so you’re over extracting parts of the coffee bed and under extracting others which we call channeling; it presents the coffee dripping out of one side before the other. To avoid this, what we do is a coffee distribution which can be done in different methods.

Whatever you feel comfortable doing, and whatever is most efficient for you. What I do is, I groom, I take my finger and move portafilter around.  There are other methods as well such as tapping which is quite effective. Just tap twice, this will settle it nicely.

Role of Coffee Distribution

Coffee distribution is the most fundamental step in making a pro like an espresso. It hardly takes a jiffy. It’s the moment that takes place exactly before tamping when coffee finally spread all around the portafilter. If not, then you can see rough extraction.

Now the coffee distributor supplier has plenty of equipment and devices for different steps and methods. Pick one which you need and the one in which you’ve got an easy hand!

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