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Café Or Home: Making Coffee Is Useless If You Don’t Have These Basic Accessories

Café Or Home: Making Coffee Is Useless If You Don’t Have These Basic Accessories

Just like making tea is incomplete without a kettle; baking is incomplete without a hand mixer, wire whisk, baking pan, parchment paper; and just like cooking is incomplete without a grinder, blender, cutting knife, and cooking pans, etc; Similarly making coffee is also incomplete without its major accessories no matter you need in café, or for homemaking coffee.

Below are some top and must-have coffee accessories you can easily get from any good cutlery shop. Either you need it for home or restaurant use. The following are basic things you must own as a dire coffee lover;

Must-Have Coffee Accessories

Knock Box – This is a bin that is used to knock your used coffee into. Best to use with your brewing handle, and ideal if you want to recycle or compost the coffee beans.

Milk Jug

Milk jug is very important as you can’t make a flattie without a pitcher for steaming milk.  I would suggest taking 2 non-stick pitchers. One in 12oz, and the other in 20oz.


Nothing more regrettable than seared milk. The ideal temperature is around 55-65c, take the mystery out with a basic thermometer.


Scales will be helpful to ensure you’re pounding and adding the right measure of espresso to your bushel. Likewise use them to precisely gauge your out of this world out, considerably more exact than sight or time

Electro Solo

another captivating item from the place of Hario that transforms a hand processor into an electric one. It’s a stick with an engine inside that you connect to the hand processor, and afterward press the catch. Right now, it’s just accessible for particular harrier processors, however assuming connections for other hand processors available springs up, this stick will turn out to be much fascinating

Air Press Go

The primary advantage of utilizing this device is, it accompanies a macintosh that you can securely press into, so you don’t have to stress over a glass carafe, effectively drink through it.


The tamper is required when coffee needs to be compressed and flattened after making it grind in the brew handle. Rather, water quickly flows out. Tampers come in a different range of shapes and sizes.

Take a ruler for measuring the top of your metal filter basket, and minus around 3-4mm. 58mm is the most common size, so if you measure this then consider a 58mm base

Commandant C40 Coffee Grinder

It’s the most useful, daily-use coffee grinder which is used everywhere; at home, and in the workplace. This coffee grinder is widely preferred over electric and other expansive coffee grinders. You can also consider c2 – a budget-friendly coffee grinder. It makes the best gift for somebody switching from pre-ground coffee or instant coffee, or even somebody having a more basic hand grinder

The advantage of using accessories yourself is, you have more control over the brewing process, but it only works best when you have good knowledge for pulling a good shot. Now, there is heaps of variety offered by leading coffee accessories manufacturers providing new stuff that can give you the best coffee-making experience. Let’s move to essential barista tools for home coffee.

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