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Best Coffee Distribution Techniques – Let’s Compare Each!

Best Coffee Distribution Techniques – Let’s Compare Each!

Many coffee distribution techniques are circulated on the internet for coffee distribution, and many are learned well by expert baristas to boost their coffee-making skills. Why not compare all methods, and conclude which one works best?

Let’s get started;

Coffee Distribution Techniques

  1. The Good Ol’ tap This one is the most commonly used technique. Tap the side of the portafilter until it reaches an equivalent level, then tap on a surface to remove air pockets.
  2. NSEW (North South East West) Move the coffee NSEW without compressing the grinds. Vertical tapping will be done with all techniques; it’s quite an effective practice.
  1. Stockfelth Method If any barista expert is standing in a weird position, it often becomes difficult to execute this technique well. Anyways, push the grounds to one side and then distribute it with a circular motion. Pay close attention that you don’t compress the feet while distributing.
  2. Leveling / Distribution tool (with or without Pre-distribution) Many baristas use the tool for leveling, while others mainly use it for distributing. This can be done by setting the depth correctly for your desired effect. The tool makes repetitiveness a breeze.

And, no real skill is required, spin clockwise.

  1. WDT (Weiss distribution Technique) All you need for this technique is a partially unfolded paperclip! They are pretty comprehensive tools out there, but they all essentially do the same thing for breaking down all the clumps.

Also, no real skill is required, but be careful not to make a mess. Let me suggest one best tip; go for a flower pattern. Start at the bottom of the filter and while making the pattern, go up. It’s a bit tedious, so it won’t be recommendable to try in a commercial environment. But at home, trying this trick feels like your own zen garden.

Conclusion: All distribution techniques almost tyastes same, all these techniques were done with the same grind setting and dosage.

 Purpose of Coffee Distribution

The coffee distribution tool is intended to design for leveling out coffee before you tamp down to avoid having areas of high compression and low compression, which can lead to channeling.

You would have noticed many times that you tap your portafilter on the side of the table and have a relatively even-looking surface before tamping down without realizing that when you’re tapping. There’s a particular part of the coffee pot that will be a lot more compressed. The mill is part of the park that has way less coffee.

This means the water is finding the most accessible route through and will go through the part that has less coffee, and you’ll lead to an over-extracted bitter and unpalatable coffee. The concept here is, you have three fins and an adjustable leveler, so when you put the distribution tool on top of your portafilter and spin it, it’ll evenly distribute all coffee grounds inside the filter basket.

It’s the skill of coffee distributor manufacturer who made this tool in different designs for various coffee distribution purposes like few weighs around 20 pounds.

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