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Are You Also Making These Milk Frothing Mistakes?

Are You Also Making These Milk Frothing Mistakes?

People love making coffee, but not like noticing mistakes they might be making while making coffee. Whether you tamp, do milk frothing, or do any other step, each has its role and significance for bringing that desired rich, and creamy flavor to coffee.

When it comes to milk frothing, so many people ask me “can milk frothing be done with any milk jug, or does it need any specific tool? In answer to this, I will only shed light on some common mistakes people often do while frothing milk, then you might get an idea of what to do and what not.

Stop These Common Yet Major Mistakes Today

Mistake 1 – Not Purging

Every steam you need has some water in it and you don’t water it in your milk, so before steaming open the valve and purge the residual water into your drip tray, or another container. After steaming you always turn off the scene with the tip still in the milk as the one quickly cool a bit of milk

It sucks up into the wine, so get rid of it by removing the pitcher and purging again. Doing this helps keep everything clean and smelling nice. Wipe down your wand after steaming, so the milk doesn’t get baked on.

Mistake 2 – Steaming Tip too Low

The weird noise while steaming often occurs because the steam tip is too well in the pitcher, it sounds terrible with your tip, well there’s no way to develop a nice rolling current in the milk to break up the air and mix it into a creamy microphone when that adding air you want to tip just below the surface of the milk

Mistake 3 – Steaming Tip too High

Another weird voice is ben heard, this potentially be splattered with flying milk to make bubbles appropriate for bathing, but nothing useful for a sweet creamy latte. You need to fill the tip just below the surface of the milk.

If you’re adding air, bring the tip up just a little bit, so you hear an occasional rest when you’ve added enough air bring the tip down again just below the surface and get the milk rolling

Mistake 4 – No Rolling in Pitcher

You’re moving the steamship everywhere, not giving the milk a chance to roll pedal down. Keep it steady and with a little practice and patience, you’ll find the right position sometimes known as W spot to get a good roll. Going that roll helps to break up any large bubbles and gives a nice, even mix consistency.

Mistake 5 – Very HOT!

IT is said, More is Better! Right, but when it comes to milk and heat not so much if your pitcher is so hot, you won’t be able to hold your palm to the bottom, then you’ve gone too far.  Milk starts to salt at 165 degrees, so keep it a bit cooler. Here is the small list of accurate milk temperatures;

  • For small drink – 140 Degree Fahrenheit
  • For large drink – 155 degree Fahrenheit
  • For loss of flavor – 160 degree Fahrenheit
  • When scalding starts – 165 degree Fahrenheit


Mistake 6 – Clogged Air Intake

These do the work for you by automatically injecting the right amount of air, so every auto frothing wand has an air hole. If that hole is obstructed or totally blacked, and little or no air gets in, so you’ll get little or no froth. So, keep your wand clean and check the intake hole.

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