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7 Distribution Methods For Making Espresso

7 Distribution Methods For Making Espresso

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Good espresso-making is all about the little details and presentation. Coffee distributor manufacturer believes every detailing has its role, like using scales to regulate the quantity going into our portafilters. Also, details like showing volumetrics to set the beans being extracted from the coffee, then holding the grinder to hit that enchanted 30 seconds (give or take) provide us with consistently excellent espresso.

The preparation of sourcing, growing, roasting, and grinding your coffee will either be renowned or made jobless in this little grind basket where water meets grinds. An even distribution of tasks within the basket or the container will force the water to act and bring you a quality, expectable result. But the main thing is to manage that every time you brew.

A suitable distribution method will support you to attain an even distribution of your coffee and prevent channeling. It will be as good and effective in a busy café setting as in a lab or your home-based coffee place.

Coffee manufacturer distribution techniques are ritual—over time, it has become routines to have a good cup of coffee every day. Nowadays, there are multiple methods to distribute coffee evenly, some of the most famous discussed below.


Here are some of the techniques that will help you distribute the coffee evenly and enjoy aromatic coffee without any problem. The ways are simple and don’t require any extra tools: just focus and a little bit of hand movement. Even Coffee distributor manufacturers mark these methods as quality methods for a perfect cup of coffee.

·         NSEW (North-South-East-West)

Friendly and accessible—often the initial way a barista knows to distribute grounds. The technique is simple—put your finger flat on top of the basket, then push the mound of feet around. Start by moving away from your body, then back and forth.

·         Stockfleth Method

It is similar to NSEW but requires more rotation. This technique uses your finger and a process to hand out the top layer of grounds. Start with your thumb on the rim and your index finger straightforward across. Switch your hand and the portafilter in reverse directions. Repeat until coffee beans distribute evenly to the sides.

·         Side Tap

A simple method is also a simple distribution method in which you only require to side tap the tamper using your palm. It will help to settle the grounds by simply tapping the portafilter with your palm. The significant thing here is to mark not tapping the sides of your portafilter after you tamp.

·         Settle

Settle is also a distribution technique in which you tap on the countertop slightly that helps you distribute grounds and prep for tamping.

·         Leveling Tool

Distribute the grounds using a straight/flat external to drag crossways to the lip of the basket.

·         Weiss Distribution Method

In this method, you use a paper clip or safety pin and stir coffee beans using a small, overlying circular motion.

·         Dosing Cup & Shake

Grind into a cup and shake the amouont of coffee beans into your portafilter basket.

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